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The South Los Altos Neighborhood is located in the SE corner of Albuquerque's NE Heights, within the 87123 area code.  The borders are Lomas to the North, Eubank to the East, Central (old Rte. 66) to the South, and Wyoming to the West.


The Los Altos Golf Course provides a scenic vista to the North, with the picturesque Sandia Mountains as a backdrop.



On the Eastern edge of the "International District" of Albuquerque, a diverse area where some 27 languages are spoken, the South Los Altos neighborhood reflects some of this diversity.  The population of just under 6000 (2200 households) is approxiamately 63% Hispanic, 30% Caucasion, 3% Asian, 2% Black, and 2% Other.  Hawthorne Elementary School, located within the neighborhood on Copper, serves some 800 students.


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Aerial image of South Los Altos Neighboorhood


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